Browns Send Odell Beckham Jr. Home With Unknown Illness

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was sent home from practice today with an “unknown” illness, head coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters.

Stefanski didn’t say anything about what the illness was or what symptoms Beckham was experiencing. However, he did clarify that Beckham hasn’t yet tested positive for COVID-19, and that he did take his Thursday COVID-19 test.

“He hasn’t [tested positive]. He is just feeling under the weather….just an abundance of caution” – Kevin Stefanski on sending OBJ home.

At this point there’s no reason to believe Beckham has anything but a seasonal flu or cold. Even though it seems like football players rarely get sick, it does happen. Depending on how severe it is, it’s possible that he might not be good to go on Sunday.

The Browns and the NFL will know the results of the Browns’ latest COVID-19 tests on Friday.