Carson Wentz Isn’t The Problem In Philadelphia

Long have there been rumblings in Philadelphia that Carson Wentz isn’t “the one”, and that the Eagles have to move on from him. I’m from Philadelphia and I hear this on a regular basis.

Part of the problem is that Philly fans are just a different breed in general. From throwing batteries at Santa Claus to booing a dog, Philadelphia Eagles fans are a much harsher and cynical fan base than almost any other NFL fanbase.

The Carson Went criticism isn’t just coming from the fans though. Multiple “hit pieces” have been published in local Philadelphia newspapers over the past few years, criticizing everything from Carson’s leadership abilities and his ego to his relationship with god.

It’s time to put all of those rumors to rest. Carson Wentz has clearly proven and continues to prove the fact that he’s a top-tier NFL starting quarterback. People seem to quickly forget that Carson Wentz was 11-2 and an MVP candidate as the Eagles starter in the 2017-2018 season before he went down with a gruesome ACL tear. Nick Foles did go on a legendary run to win the Super Bowl, but without Carson setting him up, Foles hasn’t shown any capability of putting together his own consistent winning seasons as a starting NFL quarterback.

Carson Wentz literally took a practice squad to a divisional win and the playoffs in last year’s NFL season. The best weapons Wentz had were Greg Ward Jr. and Boston Scott. These guys were literally doing roofing work and delivering pizzas, and Carson Wentz decided to see if they wanted to hang out and play some pro football. You can play the video and cue it to a classic 80’s song and it would make for a believable sports movie montage.

Wentz without a doubt isn’t the problem in Philly. The Eagles do have a weak offensive line and Wentz clearly feels the pressure sometimes to make superhero plays and it does tend to get him in more trouble than he should in the way of interceptions and fumbles. Wentz holds onto the ball just a few more seconds than he should because he is always looking to make a play, but that’s reasonable when you feel like the team’s success is on your shoulders.

The perfect proof to dispel the Wentz criticism came 10/22/20, in the form of a PERFECT pass from Wentz to Boston Scott with :40 seconds left in the 4th quarter against the New York Giants. The pass resulted in a touchdown and gave the Eagles a late lead that they would hold onto and win the game.

If this video doesn’t show what elite level quarterback play looks like, then I have no idea what does illustrate that concept. Carson Wentz feels the pressure of the pocket collapsing around him, which he’s used to due to the garbage o-line play of the Eagles, and Wentz has to adjust and move up in the pocket.

Wentz then throws a dime of all dimes to Boston Scott. If you look closely, it doesn’t even look like Wentz has his back foot set, so he’s throwing that dart of a pass while being slightly off-balance. Wentz perfectly laid the ball into Boston Scott’s back shoulder where only Scott had a chance of securing it, and Boston Scott is literally 5 ft 7 in. tall, so that was a fairly small window.

We could go on-and-on about the actual stats, but they’re irrelevant. You just need a working set of eyeballs and the ability to watch the video above, and you can see that Carson Wentz is not only a good quarterback, but his talent level is amongst the elite of the NFL. Unfortunately, staggering injuries to the wide receiver corps and a weakening offensive line have made Superman look like a pedestrian for the time being.