Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers 1/2/20 Notes And Predictions

The Charlotte Hornets will travel to Cleveland on 1/2/20 to take on the 10-and-23 Cavaliers. This is hardly a game that anyone is getting excited about on a national level and will only draw mild interest in these teams’ respective local markets.

The Hornets have lost their last 6 games and the 1st game in the 6 game stretch was a two point loss to Cleveland. The other 6 games show Charlotte losing to other bottom-of-the-barrel NBA competition like the Grizzlies and Thunder.

The Cavaliers overall are worse record-wise than the Hornets and one of the worst teams in the league at 10 wins and 23 losses. The Cavs are also on a one game losing streak but this is coming after they were red hot and won 4 of their previous 5 games.

The Cavaliers are a -2 favorite (-110 odds) as well as -125 as a moneyline bet on most major sportsbooks.

One slight factor which could affect game performance is Cleveland’s openness in trying to move Kevin Love before the trade deadline expires. Love might not have much of a vested interest in putting forth his best effort any further for a team that is likely to cut ties with him in the near future.

Even though these are two bottom of the league teams, the safe bet here is to go with the Cavs on the moneyline at -125. The 2 points could definitely be in need for this match up.

The Cavaliers are the home team in this situation, which they have shown to play better as up to this point in the season. The Hornets are likewise a poorer road team than they are at home and they certainly don’t have momentum on their side, as they have lost their last 6 outings.

Records set aside, the Cavs have been trending positively as of late and the Hornets clearly have not. The roster depth also favors Cleveland with them having savvy veterans like Love and Tristan Thompson while the Hornets are leaning on Devonte’ Graham and Terry Rozier to round out the best of their lineup.

What’s My Bet? Cleveland Cavaliers Moneyline (-125)