Dana White Says He Secured A Private Island To Host UFC Events

Dana White is taking things to another level to try and hold UFC events during the coronavirus shutdown. White said he was “a day or two” away from securing a private island where he can hold UFC events and fighters can come in on their own private planes to fight.

The UFC would be able to host events on the unnamed island every week for two months. No fans would be allowed on the premises and all crucial event staff like trainers, fighters, referees, etc., would all be tested and screened for coronavirus prior to being allowed on-site.

This private island announcement came shortly after news of the revised main event fight card that saw Khabib step out and saw Justin Gaethje come in as a replacement against Tony Ferguson.

Multiple UFC events set to take place in the US and in the UK have been cancelled so it seems Dana has resorted to drastic measures to make sure that the UFC can still hold fights. White has always been very aggressive in promoting the UFC. It’s how they went from $2 million dollars to a $4 billion dollar exit.

This move could work extremely well if White is able to host a live UFC pay-per-view in a time when no other sports leagues are actively broadcasting any live content. It could lead to some huge PPV numbers or it could backfire in spectacular fashion if event staff and all the fighters contract coronavirus.